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Bamboo chopsticks, plastic chopsticks, which chopsticks are healthier?


Chopsticks are tableware that we must use for every meal. Possibly you had been a bit complicated to purchase with the time. With a great number of chopsticks of different resources, which just one is healthier?

one. bamboo fork & wood chopsticks

Characteristics: natural material

Bamboo chopsticks are non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, and cheap, making them the first choice. Bamboo chopsticks of good quality will not be deformed even in high temperature. Wooden chopsticks are more common in the market. Mahogany, nanmu, jujube, and holly wood can all be used to make chopsticks, and ebony chopsticks with hard texture are the most expensive. During use, bamboo chopsticks and picket chopsticks are more likely to be infected with microorganisms and bacteria, so you should pay attention to frequent disinfection and keep clean

2. Painted chopsticks

Traits: glamorous appearance

Lacquered chopsticks are beautiful in appearance, but there are hidden health risks, so they are not recommended to be used in daily life. Because the heavy metallic lead in the paint and organic solvent benzene and other substances are carcinogenic, with the wear and tear in use, once the paint on the chopsticks falls off, it enters the human body with the food, which will endanger human health.

3. Plastic chopsticks

Characteristics: cheap

Plastic chopsticks are not only cheap, but they are also bright in color and diverse in styles. The colorful ones are pleasing to the eye. However, the texture of plastic chopsticks is relatively brittle, and it is easy to deform and melt after being heated, and produce harmful substances to the body.

4. Steel chopsticks

Characteristics: clean and practical

Silver chopsticks and stainless steel chopsticks look good, but they are heavier than other chopsticks and feel not very good, especially for children and the elderly. They are more hard to use. In addition, they have strong thermal conductivity. When eating overheated food, they are easy to burn the lips. However, steel chopsticks are very convenient to clean. You can rinse them with boiling water and wipe them with napkins. They are also easy to disinfect; they are not easy to deform after being heated.

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