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August, 2015 Monthly archive

Yu Boya and Load Balancing Zhong ZiqiQin Yu Qiao will throw down from the balcony, that piano paddled beautiful parabola, turned hollow backflip, buttressed by the cold Yi River was gone toward the ground. Bengduan strings sound of cicadas in the rain, the kind of soul-stirring pathos. Yu Qiao eyes staring into the distance, as if what to look for in a hollow boundless sky, yo look to have a row of detached water to the poor. However, in the depths of his heart, reminding us of scenes past dark room with sunshine mix of dust, down to the collision, waves.Three years ago, Yu Qiao graduated from University for Nationalities guqin, playing piano with one hand and fill the gap, the youth guqin player to win the title. Flourishing career, but it can not evaporate deepest loneliness. Day in the “Yangguansandie,” “Song of Triumph” in infiltration, asleep in the passage of a highbrow GAO.

Whether good technology transfer Huaichun girl repairing underground passage or, stealing a march worth mentioning, Yu Qiao always a highbrow appearance. One day early in the morning, Qiao Yu did not think how this an ordinary day, will leave a touch of prints in his heart. Since then, Yu Qiao every Caoqin, girl inevitable scheduled to appear on the balcony, the same day as the water quietly dies day by day.Yu Qiao playing piano by leaps and bounds in recent days, a surge in the past never had the passion Tiaodang on the strings.

Fast forward two gear motor years later, this is the most substantial Yu Qiao spent two years. However, as calm as idyllic days there has been ups and downs. The reason behind things that day at noon, complete folk music lesson on Yu-chiao just to Teachers College student, several music industry friend invited him to a restaurant for dinner, yet the door, Yu Qiao I met a couple wedding. Yu Qiao eyes when unintentionally drifting bride, suddenly, like an electric shock as transfixed. The bride is the day to listen to him Caoqin, and he spent nearly a thousand licks dawn and dusk, “Pink Salon.” That day, Yu Qiao ferocious drunk. The next morning, the face opposite the empty balcony, he played the song “House of Flying Daggers” After that, it will rise from the piano and throws it down. Rockery stone on the piano broke into a pile of wood fragments, broken strings painfully huddled with thin bones of the body only. At that time, Yu Qiao mouth seems to be saying something to himself, as if that is the former Yu Boya long song when the cry when woodcutter ZhongZi grave that poem: “coke tail broke Qin cold, sub-period Who is not playing? Chunfengmanmian are friends, Yumi Salon Nanshang Nan! ”

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